Mezcalero Set
Mezcalero Set
Mezcalero Set

Mezcalero Set

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Designed to enjoy mezcal through the senses.

Mezcal is a spirit made from agave, and just as there are many species of agave, there are many types of mezcal: Espadín, Tobalá, Tepeztate. A good mezcal has a very complex aroma and flavor, but there are no special glasses to really appreciate them. The classic glasses, or even the traditional tecomate jícara, do not enhance these characteristics.

Mezcalero is a tasting glass designed to offer a better way to appreciate mezcal, enhancing the senses. It has a bulbous shape that helps concentrate both aroma and flavor to find a true appreciation of the nuances of mezcal.

Mezcalero was designed by delaO design studio and made entirely by hand by a family-run glass workshop in México City.


Materials: Borosilicate Glass

Dimensions: 2.5" x 2.5" x 2"

Machine washable.

Comes as a single glass, 2-piece set or 4-piece set