New Digital Archetypes in Mexico: Report + Online Seminar
New Digital Archetypes in Mexico: Report + Online Seminar
New Digital Archetypes in Mexico: Report + Online Seminar
New Digital Archetypes in Mexico: Report + Online Seminar
New Digital Archetypes in Mexico: Report + Online Seminar
New Digital Archetypes in Mexico: Report + Online Seminar
New Digital Archetypes in Mexico: Report + Online Seminar

New Digital Archetypes in Mexico: Report + Online Seminar

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Explore the complete package of the delaO design studio report on the digital landscape in Mexico, now with an exclusive online seminar. This detailed report not only offers an in-depth view of the post-pandemic Mexican digital market but also highlights key opportunities for digital projects in a competitive environment. It is an indispensable tool for professionals and companies looking to innovate in Mexico's digital sector.

This package includes not only a meticulous analysis of user profiles and digital behaviors but also useful cheat sheets for workshops and specific worksheets to develop value propositions for each archetype.

In addition, by acquiring this report, you will receive exclusive access to a 45-minute online seminar with the delaO design studio team.

Limited to a maximum of 10 attendees, this seminar, valid for 60 business days, will allow you to delve into the study, understanding how to apply this knowledge to maximize the benefits of your digital strategy.

During the seminar, we will focus on describing the study in detail and, at the end, dedicate time to answering your questions, ensuring that you understand how to use the report effectively. This package is perfect for those looking for a comprehensive understanding of the Mexican digital market and who want to apply this information in a practical and strategic way.

Take advantage of this unique opportunity to interact with experts and enrich your understanding of Mexico's dynamic digital environment. Purchase your package today and take a step forward on your path to digital innovation!

The report of over 150 pages includes:

  • Four Detailed Archetypes: We explore archetypes and generalized profiles that capture common behaviors and motivations of users. Each archetype is illustrated with examples of "personas," providing valuable insights for user-centered design.
  • Analysis of the Post-Pandemic Digital Landscape in Mexico: We delve into how digitalization has changed after the pandemic, revealing new opportunities and challenges for businesses and designers.
  • General Profile of Technology Users in Mexico: We conduct a thorough analysis of the general profile of Mexican users of technological products, highlighting trends, behaviors, and preferences that are crucial for creating relevant and successful products in today's market.
  • Design Recommendations by Archetype: Based on the archetypes, we offer specific recommendations to improve practices in product design, focusing on effective and user-centered solutions.
  • Toolkit for Co-Creation Workshops: We include a set of tools and worksheets to organize co-creation workshops, facilitating collaborative innovation and the creation of more resonant products.

The report addresses the following topics:

  • Impact of the pandemic on technological adoption.
  • Changes in consumer and business behavior.
  • General profile of Mexican technology users.
  • Emerging trends and digital consumption habits.
  • Preferences and expectations of users in the current context.
  • Specific design strategies for each archetype.
  • Best practices for the development of technological products.
  • User-centered approaches for design innovation.

Research Methodology: This meticulous study on technological perception in Mexico employs a mixed methodology that combines qualitative and quantitative techniques, analyzing a diverse sample of 30 Mexicans from different regions and socio-economic strata. Through narrative analysis and generative techniques, the participants' experiences, aspirations, and technological perceptions were explored, providing a deep understanding of their motivations and desires in relation to technology. The study's inductive approach, complemented by extensive secondary research, focuses more on capturing lived experiences than presenting statistical data, aiming to inspire the development of digital products and services in Mexico that are aligned with the needs and expectations of local users.

Exclusive Online Seminar: In addition to the report, you will have access to a 45-minute online seminar with our experts from delaO design studio. This seminar gives you the opportunity to delve deeper into the report's topics and participate in a Q&A session with our specialists.