Antifly Sphere Frosted
Antifly Sphere Frosted

Antifly Sphere Frosted

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Glass piece that gently scares flies away.

The use of a plastic bag filled with water hanging from the ceiling is a traditional way of scaring away flies in many Mexican food markets. Water refraction amplifies colors and movement for a fly's sensitive eyes when reflected in this sphere, scaring it away and thus turning it into a natural, harmless pesticide.

Its drop-like shape generates a beautiful refraction effect that enhances the environment where this piece is installed.

With a frosted finish, this version of the Antifly Sphere was designed in 2012 by Mexican Designer José de la O and has been a best seller ever since. This product is made by hand at a family-owned glass workshop in Mexico City.

Do you want to see how this piece is made?

Making an Anti-Fly Sphere


Materials: Frosted Borosilicate Glass, Nylon Rope

Dimensions: 8" x 4" x 4"

Rope Length: 23"