New Digital Archetypes in Mexico: Report + In-Person Workshop
New Digital Archetypes in Mexico: Report + In-Person Workshop
New Digital Archetypes in Mexico: Report + In-Person Workshop
New Digital Archetypes in Mexico: Report + In-Person Workshop
New Digital Archetypes in Mexico: Report + In-Person Workshop
New Digital Archetypes in Mexico: Report + In-Person Workshop
New Digital Archetypes in Mexico: Report + In-Person Workshop

New Digital Archetypes in Mexico: Report + In-Person Workshop

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Discover the exclusive package from delaO design studio on the digital landscape in Mexico, now enriched with a unique in-person workshop. This report offers a comprehensive analysis of the changing post-pandemic Mexican digital environment, highlighting opportunities for digital projects in a market full of possibilities. It is the perfect tool for professionals and companies seeking to innovate and stand out in the digital sector.

In addition to providing a detailed study of behaviors and user profiles in Mexico, this package includes cheatsheets for workshops and worksheets designed to help you create value propositions tailored to each user archetype. The highlight of this package is an exclusive 3-hour in-person workshop, led by the delaO design studio team, to be held at your company's facilities. This workshop is designed to help you generate personalized value propositions, leveraging the specific skills and resources of your company and focusing on specific user archetypes.

The workshop, ideal for teams seeking direct and personalized interaction with experts in the field, will allow you to delve into the report's content and apply this knowledge practically and effectively. Through this interactive and personalized approach, we will help you maximize the potential of your digital strategy, adapting it to the unique needs and opportunities of your company.

Don't miss the opportunity to transform the way your company approaches the Mexican digital market. Purchase your package today and take a step forward in digital innovation with a customized workshop that will provide you with the tools and knowledge necessary to succeed.

The report of over 150 pages includes:

  • Four Detailed Archetypes: We explore archetypes, and generalized profiles that capture common behaviors and motivations of users. Each archetype is illustrated with examples of "personas," providing valuable insights for user-centered design.
  • Analysis of the Post-Pandemic Digital Landscape in Mexico: We delve into how digitalization has changed after the pandemic, revealing new opportunities and challenges for businesses and designers.
  • General Profile of Technology Users in Mexico: We conduct a thorough analysis of the general profile of Mexican users of technological products, highlighting trends, behaviors, and preferences that are crucial for creating relevant and successful products in today's market.
  • Design Recommendations by Archetype: Based on the archetypes, we offer specific recommendations to improve practices in product design, focusing on effective and user-centered solutions.
  • Toolkit for Co-Creation Workshops: We include a set of tools and worksheets to organize co-creation workshops, facilitating collaborative innovation and the creation of more resonant products.

The report covers the following topics:

  • Impact of the pandemic on technological adoption.
  • Changes in consumer and business behavior.
  • General profile of Mexican technology users.
  • Emerging trends and digital consumption habits.
  • Preferences and expectations of users in the current context.
  • Specific design strategies for each archetype.
  • Best practices for developing technological products.
  • User-centered approaches for design innovation.


The highlight of our offer is the 3-hour in-person workshop at your company's facilities, or On Line led by the delaO design studio team. This interactive workshop is custom-designed to help you generate personalized value propositions, using the specific user archetypes identified in the report. You will make the most of your team's skills and resources, directly applying the knowledge acquired in the report to boost your business strategy*.

Research Methodology:

This meticulous study on technological perception in Mexico employs a mixed methodology combining qualitative and quantitative techniques, analyzing a diverse sample of 30 Mexicans from different regions and socio-economic strata. Through narrative analysis and generative techniques, participants' experiences, aspirations, and technological perceptions were explored, providing a deep understanding of their motivations and desires concerning technology. The study's inductive approach, complemented by extensive secondary research, focuses more on capturing lived experiences than presenting statistical data, aiming to inspire the development of digital products and services in Mexico that align with the local users' needs and expectations.

*Does not include travel expenses to locations outside Mexico City.